Take-Out Service

Do you have a cellar, a warehouse or other storage facility filled with outdated, defective and generally old hardware equipment? If this is you, then JesWeCan are here to help take it off your hands and offer high quality take-out and destruction service.

JesWeCan offers:

  • Everything will be dealt with responsibly and in an environmentally sustainable manner.
    • Discs and drives will either have their content deleted or destroyed,  depending on your wishes.
    • If any discs or drives cannot leave the premises, we offer on-site destruction.
  • Any deletion takes place in cooperation with a larger Danish broker.
  • Destruction will be carried out by Stena Recycling.
  • Servere and storrage management.
  • Brokerage and sale of usable pieces of hardware.
  • Hardware which can no longer be sold is priced per kilo. 

Send an email for more information.