Terms and conditions

JesWeCan APS

CVR 41424079

Questions regarding the terms of cooperation with JesWeCan APS can be directed to us at

telephone +45 4040 5586

or by e-mail to: jes@JesWeCan.dk

1. Prices

All prices stated in offers and contracts are exclusive of VAT and/or other local taxes and duties, as well as any freight and handling charges.

2. Payment

All services are invoiced monthly or immediately after performance.

Payment terms are standard net cash 8 days, unless otherwise agreed.

When purchasing hardware for installation, this can be done on behalf of the customer against prepayment. In case of late payment, default interest of 1.5% per month started and a reminder fee of 100 DKK will be added. Payment is made by bank transfer to our account in Arbejdernes Landsbank account number:


3. Property law

Upon delivery of the sold equipment, JesWeCan APS retains ownership of it until full payment of the agreed sum has been made. This also includes installation and repair or other costs associated with the equipment. The buyer is therefore not entitled to sell, pledge, rent, lend, give away or otherwise dispose of the sold equipment until payment has been made.

4. Delivery and installation

Delivery, installation and set-up of the equipment shall be carried out at the normal hourly rate for consultancy services. Any shipping costs for freight and handling shall be paid by the customer. Delivery shall take place at the purchaser's address unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The customer must ensure that JesWeCan APS has physical access where required, in order to carry out the installation without hindrance. Any waiting time, unnecessary driving etc. will be included in the time consumption calculation.

5. Right of return

No right of return is granted without a separate written agreement signed prior to ordering. The right of return is conditional on the goods being returned undamaged in the original packaging.

6. Consultancy services

Support, configuration, setup, installation and customization are non-returnable. Custom solutions such as cabling, test equipment, tools are not returnable.

7. Complaints

JesWeCan must receive any complaints about the service provided within 8 days of receipt of the service.

8. Liability

JesWeCan APS cannot be held liable for damage caused to the customer's equipment. This also applies to damage that any new/defective equipment causes to existing equipment when these are interconnected.

JesWeCan APS cannot be held liable as a result of operational loss, loss of profit or consequential damage.

9. Compensation

JesWeCan APS cannot be held liable for the customer's operating loss, loss of profit or other loss as a result of delayed or defective delivery of goods or consultancy services supplied by JesWeCan APS.